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COREworks Wins Big!

Boxerwood’s COREworks Coordinator Ginny Johnson recently completed a 10-week training program with the Gauntlet, a regional entrepreneurship incubator facilitated by the Virginia Innovation Accelerator. This economic development program helps start-ups finesse their business plans, even those like COREworks, Boxerwood’s carbon offset marketplace. 

Throughout the Gauntlet program participants gain strategic skills and network with others who are also building businesses and organizations. Although COREworks is not the typical business start-up, there were lessons to learn, particularly around marketing and customer discovery. “Part of the training process involved asking previous and potential COREworks customers about our product,” reports Ginny. “Many customers generously shared their reflections in ways that have been really helpful in thinking strategically about next steps for COREworks.” 

In addition to honing business skills, Gauntlet participants also compete for prizes awarded to the top business plans. Selected entrants then present their business or project to a panel of judges representing a variety of western Virginia localities. These presentations help determine a customized prize package. COREworks won a “Gold Award” prize package worth $4,890, which includes marketing assistance, our greatest need.

Participating in the Gauntlet also furthered another COREworks’s goal of generating ever more conversations about climate change and action. We estimate that Ginny’s endeavor brought more than 100 new people into the conversation including leaders and entrepreneurs across western Virginia. 

Ready to secure your own tax-deductible offset for the travel season? COREworks is open for business. Visit to secure your carbon offsets.

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