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Making the Switch: New Service Helps Homeowners Go Electric

With increased national focus on adopting cleaner energy sources, a new initiative in Rockbridge is ready to help local homeowners and business owners take the next steps to 100% electric practices. Led by decarbonizing coach and local resident Morris Trimmer, the initiative is affiliated with COREworks, Boxerwood’s carbon offset marketplace. Offered pro-bono in exchange for a donation to COREworks, Morris’s customized consulting services offers residents research-informed “action pathways” for creating a healthier home, and planet.

According to Morris, research indicates that going 100% electric brings health and ecological benefits. “Swapping household power sources from fossil fuels to electricity improves the indoor air you breathe, reduces energy bills, and enhances energy security. Energy-efficient electrical appliances and HVAC systems will also decrease the overall household carbon footprint even if some of that electrical power still derives from coal.”


Recently retired from a career in energy conservation, Morris and his wife Amy DeHart undertook the decarbonizing process themselves when they fully electrified their existing home in 2021. Professionally, Morris was already knowledgeable about many aspects of the work, “but nothing beats learning from the homeowner school of hard knocks!” Knowing others would benefit from his experience, Morris recently launched a pro-bono consulting service because “I’m ready to pay it forward.” The initiative is offered in affiliation with COREworks, Boxerwood’s homegrown carbon offset marketplace whose goal is to accelerate carbon emission-reducing projects in the Rockbridge area.


“Morris contacted us last fall and right away we saw how our two endeavors could mutually benefit one another” said COREworks Coordinator Ginny Johnson. COREworks enables customers to secure offsets that reduce their own carbon footprint from activities such as travel. Offering decarbonizing coaching gives homeowners an additional way to live lighter on the earth even before securing offsets. “We’re all for it,” said Ginny. She also noted with gratitude that Morris plans to ask his clients to make a “pay-what-you-will” donation to the COREworks in lieu of payment to him. 100% of these tax-deductible donations in turn fund more carbon emission-reducing projects in Rockbridge County.


Anticipating the coaching process, Morris will schedule a home walkthrough with the homeowner client, discuss homeowner goals and concerns, then review household appliances and utility bills. This analysis will enable Morris to identify specific opportunities for transitioning to a low emissions and safer home. The client will then receive a written report that includes evaluation of the household power system(s), suggested retrofits, and associated costs/savings. The report will also include customized recommendations and up-to-date information on tax credits or other financial incentives. “The next steps [of implementation] will be up to the homeowner,” he explains, “but they’ll be able to proceed with confidence.” 


To kick-off the new initiative, the Trimmers hosted a tour of their 100% decarbonized home earlier this month with nearly 20 interested persons attending.  “Getting a close look at the efficient appliances and systems helped folks get an idea of what they can do for their own households,” said Morris. Whether or not you were able to attend the tour, Morris is happy to guide your household to an all-electric future. To find out more, contact Morris through this interest form.

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