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Every Day is Earth Day

This year, we're hosting a series of family-friendly gatherings throughout April and into early May in celebration of Earth Day. Offered at no cost to participants, these events are designed to inspire, rejuvenate, and connect people of all ages to the natural world.

"Spending time in nature can help us release stress, experience gratitude, express creativity, and so much more. Basically, we’re using Earth Day as an excuse to get everyone to come play outside and remember how important it is for each of us to nurture our connection to the natural world," said Emily Kohl, Boxerwood’s Executive Director. This year’s theme, "Every Day is Earth Day," emphasizes the garden’s commitment to fostering an ongoing relationship between the community and the environment.

Earth Day offerings include plein air watercolor painting, family yoga, a labyrinth build, and more. Through these activities, Boxerwood hopes many will rediscover the joy and tranquility of the outdoors.

“I’m most excited for the April 27 tree planting,” shares Emily. “That’s when the ‘why’ of these events really comes full circle. We want to help folks reignite their love of the natural world, and then find ways to step up for what they love.” The April 27 event honors the life and legacy of Mollie Messimer, Boxerwood’s first education steward, who passed away in January.

After a morning of planting native trees along Sarah’s Run (near Waddell), everyone is invited to bring a picnic to the field at Boxerwood. Picnickers get to select a bare root tree to take home with them. “Mollie had great passion for Earth stewardship,” said Emily, “and we love how these activities this spring both reflect and root these values.”

Registration for most activities is limited and likely to fill quickly. Sign up soon!

Schedule of Events

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