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Congratulations on successfully completing Week 1 of the Challenge! We’re off to a great start. Check out our collective Week 1 totals on the Boxerwood webpage HERE

Along with your food waste data, you also gave us valuable information through your Pre-Project Surveys. Here’s a brief overview of this year’s Compost Challenge crew:

Where do we live?

We are a community of 104 households, including 24 joining us again from last year. About half live in the County, a third live in Lexington, and the rest are from Buena Vista.

How many youth are involved?

About 75% of households have children participating in the study–including youth who are their family’s project managers. The number of children per household ranges from 1 to 7!

How many of us are new to composting?

A lot! Not counting the 24 returning households, almost all of us are either brand new to composting or are restarting after a pause. Most of us reported we weren’t composting because we either didn’t have the materials or we didn’t know how. Boxerwood is glad to help out! 

What are we excited about?

We’re looking forward to many elements of the Challenge. Here is just a small sample:

  • “Being able to do something tangible to help the planet”

  • “Having richer soil for our summer garden”

  • “Seeing how our changes help improve our way of living”

  • “Showing my children how seeming small actions can have an impact”

  • “Do something good for the community, for the environment and for our personal garden”

No matter our backgrounds, inspirations, or goals, all of us are passionate about creating positive change one compost bucket at a time.  Thank you again for joining the adventure. 

To keep our community conversation going, join our Facebook Group! Click here, or search for “Backyard Compost Challenge 2024” in Facebook. 

Now, please click the green button below to access the simple data upload page. Thank you again for your participation!

Next week: Composting Tips! (Sneak preview: Start collecting "browns,” like old leaves still on the ground. They'll be very helpful in the composting mix – and increasingly hard to find once spring gets going!)

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