Boxerwood Gardens: Nature Center and Woodland Garden

Boxerwood Nature Center & Woodland Garden

September 12 Music in the Garden Series concludes

We're hoping for good weather.  Unfortunately, we had to cancel Molimo's concert in August due to rain. Tonight, the Coprolite Band, a group of VMI professors who play electric rock “oldies” from the 70’s through the 90’ will play at 6 to 7:30. (Different Time: BYOB at 5:00) The musicians have all generously donated their performances and admission and parking is free.  We will we be passing the hat, so those who want to can contribute a little something toward helping Boxerwood keep up the garden.

Saturday, August 23 - Rockbridge Community Festival

September 27 - Fall Family Festival

Sunday, October 12 - Plant Sale 1 - 4 pm

Friday, December 5 - Lexington Parade

Sunday, December 7 - Greens Workshop

Sunday, December 13 - Gifts of Nature

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